Frank Motley - Dual Trumpeter [Collectables]

Frank Motley - Dual Trumpeter [Collectables]
Styles: Jump Blues
Genre: Jazz
Recording Date: 1956
Album: Dual Trumpeter [Collectables]
Release Date: December 4, 1990
Artist: Frank Motley
Duration: 41:53

The title refers to Frank Motley's gimmick of playing two trumpets at once, although that trick is rarely heard on Dual Trumpeter, a 14-track collection of Motley's early Gotham label recordings from 1951. The music is mostly jump blues with call-and-response vocals and a few instrumentals. The vocals are handled by a large cast, including Motley himself ("Bow Wow Wow"), Jimmy Harris ("That's All Right"), James Crawford ("Early in the Morning"), Lloyd Smith ("Fat Man"), and T.N.T. Tribble. The crazy "Fat Man Scat" features Smith scatting and then spouting nonsense vocals. "Hurricane Lover" and "Movin' Man" are double-entendre songs, the latter of which uses some unpleasant trashcan imagery. Only five of the cuts were commercially released; the rest are either previously unreleased titles or alternate takes. These recordings are more primitive and less exciting than Motley's later ones for DC, but his nascent style is recognizable at this early stage and the music is nonetheless enjoyable and interesting.

Bow Wow Wow / Frank MotleyFrank Motley3:15
Movin' ManFrank Motley3:05
Herbert's JumpFrank Motley2:44
That's All RightFrank Motley2:53
Dual Trumpet BluesFrank Motley2:55
Hurricane LoverFrank Motley2:59
Diggin'Frank Motley3:08
Fat Man's ScatFrank Motley3:04
Early in the Morning / TraditionalFrank Motley3:04
Nothin'Frank Motley2:50
Frank's JumpFrank Motley2:33
Fat ManFrank Motley3:00
Dual Trumpet BluesFrank Motley3:06
Bow Wow Wow / Frank MotleyFrank Motley3:17

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