The Shamblers - The Shamblers

The Shamblers - The Shamblers
Genre: Pop\Rock
Album: The Shamblers
Release Date: November 7, 2006
Artist: The Shamblers
Duration: 47:06
Bottled BluesThe Shamblers4:02
Truth Be ToldThe Shamblers4:39
AwakeThe Shamblers4:20
Sweet TurpentineThe Shamblers4:39
DefunctThe Shamblers3:56
Gambler's DreamThe Shamblers6:00
Marmalade SunThe Shamblers4:51
Man Made of CanvasThe Shamblers5:00
Mermaid (Guppy)The Shamblers3:46
Dancing on the TracksThe Shamblers5:53

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