Sativa Luvbox - Beloved Satellite

Sativa Luvbox - Beloved Satellite
Recording Location: Mad Hatter Recording Studios, Los Angeles, CA; Music Grinder Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA; NRG, North Hollywood, CA
Genre: Pop\Rock
Album: Beloved Satellite
Release Date: 1993
Artist: Sativa Luvbox
Duration: 46:43

L.A.'s Sativa Luvbox is very much an "image" band: a black leather-clad power trio shrouded in heavy psych/drug/mystic-meets-technology packaging. Group leader Patrick Mata's girlfriend - the "Sativa" of the title - hovers over the proceedings like a spell-wielding sorceress. Despite all these hokey distractions, the group turns in a set of edgy but controlled trash-rock that approximates at its best a more dignified, wailing Stooges phased through Man Who Sold The World-era Bowie.

Big Bang Theory I / Patrick MataSativa Luvbox0:25
Warm Inside / Patrick MataSativa Luvbox3:58
U Got It All Wrong / Patrick MataSativa Luvbox3:41
See Me in the Sky / Patrick MataSativa Luvbox5:34
Shock Shop / Patrick MataSativa Luvbox3:38
Beloved Satellite / Patrick MataSativa Luvbox4:33
Let's Be Forever / Patrick MataSativa Luvbox5:20
Orgy Inna Bed of Flowers / Patrick MataSativa Luvbox3:03
Pagan Son / Patrick MataSativa Luvbox3:22
Acid City / Patrick MataSativa Luvbox0:50
Ooze / Patrick MataSativa Luvbox4:51
Wet With Power / Patrick MataSativa Luvbox2:39
No Good Trying / Syd BarrettSativa Luvbox4:20
Big Bang Theory II / Patrick MataSativa Luvbox0:29

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