Clarence "Tater" Tate - 20 Bluegrass Fiddle Classics: Vintage 60's

Genre: Blues
Album: 20 Bluegrass Fiddle Classics: Vintage 60's
Release Date: 2011
Artist: Clarence 'Tater' Tate
Duration: 36:50
Katy HillClarence "Tater" Tate1:17
Sally Goodin'Clarence "Tater" Tate1:06
Lost IndianClarence "Tater" Tate2:30
Silver BellsClarence "Tater" Tate1:51
Whistlin' RufusClarence "Tater" Tate1:53
Snow DeerClarence "Tater" Tate2:12
Salt CreekClarence "Tater" Tate1:22
Whiskey Before BreakfastClarence "Tater" Tate2:42
Life In the Finland WoodsClarence "Tater" Tate2:36
Black Eyed SusanClarence "Tater" Tate1:15
Fireball MailClarence "Tater" Tate1:39
Land of JubiloClarence "Tater" Tate2:05
Big SandyClarence "Tater" Tate1:02
Prosperity SpecialClarence "Tater" Tate1:01
Sugar In the GourdClarence "Tater" Tate2:07
Dear Old DixieClarence "Tater" Tate1:21
Sugar Tree StompClarence "Tater" Tate1:41
Irene WaltzClarence "Tater" Tate2:27
Hell Among the YearlingsClarence "Tater" Tate2:19
Teetotalers ReelClarence "Tater" Tate2:24

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