Vince Anthony - Down the Bayou

Vince Anthony - Down the Bayou
Styles: Cajun, North American Traditions
Genre: International
Album: Down the Bayou
Release Date: June 7, 2006
Artist: Vince Anthony
Duration: 41:28
Down the BayouVince Anthony2:57
Cajun DinosaurVince Anthony3:34
Take Hold and Hold OnVince Anthony3:40
You Terrify My HeartVince Anthony2:53
Cajun Pete's Gonna Cut the MustardVince Anthony3:03
Another PlaceVince Anthony3:27
Tabasco Man Rides AgainVince Anthony3:21
TampicoVince Anthony4:03
A Shoulder to Cry OnVince Anthony3:38
Hoo-Chee-Coo-Chee GirlVince Anthony3:28
Slip AwayVince Anthony3:51
If I Had YouVince Anthony3:33

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