Neal Brennan - Women and Black Dudes

Neal Brennan - Women and Black Dudes
Styles: Comedy
Genre: Comedy\Spoken
Album: Women and Black Dudes
Artist: Neal Brennan
TechnologyNeal Brennan3:13
People Are DicksNeal Brennan3:03
Catholic SchoolNeal Brennan2:01
Black FriendsNeal Brennan6:45
Mexicans WorkNeal Brennan1:48
Asian FriendsNeal Brennan1:59
Huckleberry FinnNeal Brennan2:42
The N-WordNeal Brennan5:11
Met the ObamasNeal Brennan5:12
Most Expensive Funeral in the History of DeathNeal Brennan3:07
What TV Shows to WatchNeal Brennan2:09
Women Looking CuteNeal Brennan7:14
Used Dick SalesmanNeal Brennan5:46
Women's Sexual FantasiesNeal Brennan1:56
Does Size Matter?Neal Brennan1:11
Whip It OutNeal Brennan3:30
69ingNeal Brennan2:07

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