Mighty Joe Young - Bluesy Josephine

Mighty Joe Young - Bluesy Josephine
Styles: Chicago Blues, Electric Chicago Blues, Regional Blues
Recording Location: Condorcet Studio, Toulouse, France
Genre: Blues
Album: Bluesy Josephine
Release Date: November 28, 1976
Artist: Mighty Joe Young
Duration: 48:55

Not exactly the most incendiary outing that Chicago guitarist Mighty Joe Young has ever cut. This 1976 album was cut in France for Black & Blue with a handful of Chicago stalwarts, but the excitement that Young routinely summoned up back home is in short supply as he walks through "Sweet Home Chicago" and "Five Long Years." Young's own "Takes Money" and "Need a Friend" are a definite improvement on those shopworn standards, but with only seven lengthy selections ("Teasing the Blues" runs 10:27), there isn't a lot to choose from.

Teasing the Blues / Joseph YoungMighty Joe Young10:27
Five Long Years / Eddie BoydMighty Joe Young9:29
Sweet Home Chicago / Robert JohnsonMighty Joe Young8:33
Wisefool Express / Joseph YoungMighty Joe Young5:37
Takes Money / Joseph YoungMighty Joe Young5:31
Fool's Advice / Joseph YoungMighty Joe Young4:41
Need a Friend / Joseph YoungMighty Joe Young4:37

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