Ravi Coltrane - In Flux

Ravi Coltrane - In Flux
Styles: Post-Bop, Jazz Instrument, Saxophone Jazz
Genre: Jazz
Album: In Flux
Release Date: February 22, 2005
Artist: Ravi Coltrane
Duration: 54:08

On his fourth studio effort, saxophonist Ravi Coltrane charts a softly expansive, reverently adventurous course that by no means shatters expectations, but never fails to impress. Quietly plugging away at his career, never exploiting his family name and focusing exclusively on deeply intellectual, harmonically complex post-bop, the least you can feel when listening to Coltrane is respect. He's not the "edgiest" player you'll hear, but such tracks as "Variations III" and "Scram Vamp" find Coltrane delving headlong into bumptious, sometimes "skronky" rubato pieces that flirt with free jazz. The sound is reminiscent of early Branford Marsalis whose soprano sax sound also comes to mind on the playful "Coincide." Other tracks such as the romantic and moody "Away" find Coltrane ruminating on his most direct influences, the dusky Joe Henderson and the cerebral Wayne Shorter. Having deftly avoided comparisons to his iconic father in the past, it is pleasing to hear some deeply spiritual cues in his direction as on the expansive opening cut "The Message" in which Coltrane's delicate sax arpeggios recall A Love Supreme. While Coltrane's tenor takes centerstage, the overall concept on In Flux is a group aesthetic that gains strength from the sensitive interplay between pianist Luis Perdomo, bassist Drew Gress and drummer E.J. Strickland.

The Message Part 1Ravi Coltrane2:02
CoincideRavi Coltrane8:19
Variations IIIRavi Coltrane1:54
AwayRavi Coltrane6:21
Leaving AvignonRavi Coltrane3:57
Blending TimesRavi Coltrane3:06
Dear AliceRavi Coltrane6:06
Angular RealmsRavi Coltrane6:20
Scram VampRavi Coltrane1:10
Variations IRavi Coltrane1:49
UnitedRavi Coltrane8:30
For ZoeRavi Coltrane4:34

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