Joelle Lurie - Take Me There

Joelle Lurie - Take Me There
Recording Location: The Bunker Studios, Brooklyn, NY
Genre: Jazz
Album: Take Me There
Artist: Joelle Lurie
Duration: 52:56
All or Nothing At All / Arthur Altman / Jack LawrenceJoelle Lurie5:19
Head Over Heels / Roland Orzabal / Curt SmithJoelle Lurie4:12
Should We? / Zayre Ferrer / Jahn SoodJoelle Lurie3:54
Take Me There / Robert MezzanotteJoelle Lurie4:31
Just What I Needed / Ric OcasekJoelle Lurie4:48
What We Have is Better / Benjamin Gallina / Joelle Lurie / Anna MarquardtJoelle Lurie4:33
Hares On the Mountain / TraditionalJoelle Lurie5:16
Somewhere / Leonard Bernstein / Stephen SondheimJoelle Lurie4:01
Almost Like Being In Love / Alan Jay Lerner / Frederick LoeweJoelle Lurie3:11
Three States Away / Craig Evans / Benjamin Gallina / Joelle LurieJoelle Lurie3:50
The Man I Love / George Gershwin / Ira GershwinJoelle Lurie3:33
Detour Ahead / Lou Carter / Herb Ellis / John FrigoJoelle Lurie5:48

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