The Ribeye Brothers - If I Had a Horse...

The Ribeye Brothers - If I Had a Horse...
Recording Location: S.R.C. Studios
Genre: Pop\Rock
Album: If I Had a Horse...
Release Date: April 16, 2002
Artist: The Ribeye Brothers
Duration: 37:04
If I Had a Horse, I'd Buy It Oats and Fuck ItThe Ribeye Brothers1:21
Mister Ray CharlesThe Ribeye Brothers2:31
Bootful of PissThe Ribeye Brothers2:30
D.W.I.The Ribeye Brothers2:46
How Does It Feel (To Feel)The Ribeye Brothers2:06
Drinkin' and Stinkin'The Ribeye Brothers3:17
Last Place ChampsThe Ribeye Brothers2:57
Mr. Ray CharlesThe Ribeye Brothers3:11
SteakhatThe Ribeye Brothers3:22
Swagger Turns to StaggerThe Ribeye Brothers3:16
Don't Pass Me By / Richard StarkeyThe Ribeye Brothers3:27
Love ThemeThe Ribeye Brothers1:30
To Find Out / The KeggsThe Ribeye Brothers2:22
Girl / The KeggsThe Ribeye Brothers2:28

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