Original TV Soundtrack - Sentinel [Original TV Soundtrack]

Original TV Soundtrack - Sentinel [Original TV Soundtrack]
Styles: Soundtracks, TV Soundtracks
Genre: Stage & Screen
Album: Sentinel [Original TV Soundtrack]
Release Date: February 24, 1998
Artist: Original TV Soundtrack
Duration: 01:11:55

The soundtrack to the television police dramaThe Sentinel features portions from the original score John Keane has written for the show, songs written by Steve Porcaro, and the original theme, written by James Newton Howard. Since there are so many contributors to the soundtrack, it doesn't necessarily hold together as well as other soundtracks, but there are a number of exciting moments that will please fans of the show.

Theme from the Sentinel / James Newton Howard0:34
Coming Back to Me, Out of the Past / Steve Porcaro / Michael SherwoodValarie Pettiford4:13
As Good as She, Girl Next Door / Teal ThompsonTeal Thompson3:40
No Mercy, Survival / John Keane / Carleton SevyJ. Bradley Sevy4:51
Bus Chase, Pilot / Steve Porcaro6:23
Car Chase, Cypher / Steve Porcaro3:07
Ellison Love Theme / Steve Porcaro3:03
Banks Goes to South America, Flight / Steve Porcaro3:08
The Big Nasty, Flight / Steve Porcaro7:24
Blair's Love Theme, Love and Guns / Steve Porcaro2:15
Warrior Suite / John Keane9:39
Iceman Love Theme / John Keane2:19
Red Dust Suite / John Keane8:39
The Big Nasty II / John Keane7:08
Nowhere to Run / John Keane4:28
Sentinel Act Out / James Newton Howard0:17
Sentinel End Title '97/'98 / James Newton Howard / John Keane0:47

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