Fribbulous Xax - Very Large Array

Fribbulous Xax - Very Large Array
Genre: Electronic
Album: Very Large Array
Release Date: 2004
Artist: Fribbulous Xax
Duration: 42:26
Paleozoic HighlightsFribbulous Xax0:44
The Rockies ExplodeFribbulous Xax3:03
Activate the PlacentaFribbulous Xax2:12
Fossil Posse to the RescueFribbulous Xax4:45
Watching the Continents MoveFribbulous Xax1:51
Quartz With InclusionsFribbulous Xax5:15
Animals, At Last!Fribbulous Xax3:05
Hystrix S.P.Fribbulous Xax2:04
In Space, There Is Nothing to Slow You DownFribbulous Xax5:27
There's Gnomes in the Smokey MountainsFribbulous Xax3:06
Sea Lily ReefFribbulous Xax4:37
Your Life Is Brighter Because of TungstenFribbulous Xax2:14
Duckbills Were Good ParentsFribbulous Xax4:03

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