Phil Upchurch - Tell the Truth!

Phil Upchurch - Tell the Truth!
Styles: Jazz Blues, Jazz-Pop, Fusion, Guitar Jazz, Jazz Instrument
Recording Location: Bakery Recording Studio, North Hollywood, CA
Genre: Jazz
Recording Date: 2000
Album: Tell the Truth!
Release Date: June 12, 2001
Artist: Phil Upchurch
Duration: 01:19:12

The world-renowned guitarist Phil Upchurch plays 13 great songs on Tell the Truth. This CD is a gem. Playing blues, soul, R&B, and jazz, Upchurch shows his remarkable versatility on such great songs as "Jive Samba," "La Costa," the title track, and "St. Louis Blues." He performs a flamenco version of "La Costa" with beauty and style, and flaunts his "stride guitar" technique on a solo rendition of "St.

Louis Blues." His inimitably smooth and soulful phrasing shines on "Manhattan," and he doubles on harmonica on his original composition "She's Alright." However, the highlights of this great program are "Tell the Truth," a song Upchurch wrote with Ray Charles in mind, and his great arrangement of Dave Brubeck's "Take Five," which he plays much in the same way as he did on George Benson's smash hit "Breezin'." Joined by David Arnay on piano, Kevin Axt on bass, Vince Wilburn, Jr. on drums, and Mike Smith on percussion, this great CD comes 40 years after Upchurch's first recording as a leader, and it's priceless.

Jive Samba / Nat Adderley / Nat Adderley, Jr.Phil Upchurch5:30
Jack of Speed / Walter Becker / Donald FagenPhil Upchurch6:23
La Costa / Natalie Cole / Linda WilliamsPhil Upchurch7:51
Manhattan / Eric JohnsonPhil Upchurch6:14
Take Five / Paul DesmondPhil Upchurch7:57
Home Again / David ArnayPhil Upchurch5:10
Long Gone Bird / Vasquez, RolandPhil Upchurch6:35
Tell the Truth / Phil UpchurchPhil Upchurch5:27
(Every Time I Turn Around) Back in Love Again / Zane Grey / Len Ron HanksPhil Upchurch5:23
St. Louis Blues / W.C. HandyPhil Upchurch7:57
Girl Talk / Neal Hefti / Bobby TroupPhil Upchurch6:01
She's Alright / Phil UpchurchPhil Upchurch6:27
Misty / Johnny Burke / Erroll GarnerPhil Upchurch2:17

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