Charles Fold - Live

Charles Fold - Live
Styles: Contemporary Gospel, Gospel
Genre: Religious
Album: Live
Release Date: March 5, 1996
Artist: Charles Fold
Duration: 01:13:53
I Know God Is Able / Jimmy ParkerCharles Fold feat: Keith Smith5:49
God Put a RainbowCharles Fold7:15
I Can See the LightCharles Fold5:44
The Storm Is Passing Over / Charles FoldCharles Fold6:24
Bye and Bye / TraditionalCharles Fold feat: Christine Brown5:31
Not My Will Lord / Titus Chapman / Mary JacksonCharles Fold feat: Joyce Mack7:17
So Good / James ClevelandCharles Fold feat: Ronald Logan6:10
Jesus (No Other Name) / Jeffrey LaValleyCharles Fold feat: Ronald Logan6:31
Bless His Name / Eric WatfordCharles Fold feat: Pam Collier6:10
Make Me a Servant / Tommy JonesCharles Fold feat: Barbara Pinkston6:42
Too Soon to QuitCharles Fold feat: Pamela Crumbley5:08
Secret Place / Donovan BarrowCharles Fold5:12

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