David & Steve Gordon - Music of the Tarot

David & Steve Gordon - Music of the Tarot
Styles: Electro-Acoustic, Nature, Progressive Electronic, Relaxation, Space, Spiritual, Ethnic Fusion, Keyboard/Synthesizer/New Age
Recording Location: Sequoia Nation Forest; Sequoia Sound
Genre: New Age
Album: Music of the Tarot
Release Date: 1993
Artist: David & Steve Gordon
Duration: 02:17:20

This 1993 recording is a very strong "theme" album for David and Steve Gordon.

The brothers spent years studying the messages and mysteries of the Tarot, and their musical tribute to the divination system will take you to many inner spaces. Part A comprises the Major Arcana, "The Fool's Journey" in three parts. The electronic music creates cavernous acoustics while glistening galaxies seem to whiz by. Voices beckon, a tantalizing chime signals happenings of great import. "The Chariot Through Art" offers unfolding sequenced rhythms which are challenged by mysterious Middle Eastern themes. "The Devil Through the Universe" begins with heady, drunken drones which reaches toward the heaven. Rather than being "evil," this section seems to represent spiritual victory. Redemptive bird songs signal great hope. The second half represents the Minor Arcana, the "Magikal Elements." The set of "Wands" (fire) begins the section, a hearty processional that grows in upliftment. The suit of "Cups" (water) follows -- organs and monk vocals -- with a more ominous, thick, and ponderous ambience that soon explodes like a celestial nova. "Swords" offers celestial spacewinds to represent the element of air, allowing the listener to go with the flow. The album ends with a homecoming, as "Disks" brings us back to earth. The many sounds of nature (birds and rivers) offer a centering influence, as do dronelike organ and flute tones. The whirling of the Disks is represented as swirling galaxies. The album ends with the steady, stately beat of rattle and drum. The music is visual and easy to track. Lovers of the Tarot, especially, should appreciate the depth of the sonic voyage.

Major Arcana: The Fool's Journey: The Fool Thru the Lovers/The Chariot / David Gordon / Steve GordonDavid & Steve Gordon34:00
Minor Arcana: The Magickal Elements: Wands/Cups/Swords/Disks / David Gordon / Steve GordonDavid & Steve Gordon34:00

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