Jack Frost - Based Onna True Story

Jack Frost - Based Onna True Story
Recording Location: Northlake; The Tempermill
Genre: Rap
Album: Based Onna True Story
Release Date: 1992
Artist: Jack Frost
Duration: 51:46

If you consider yourself a major hip-hop historian but have never heard anything by Jack Frost and his group B.A.N.M.E., it isn't surprising--Based Onna True Story, the little known gangsta rappers' only album, received very little attention and went out of print not long after it was released. Although Frost and his colleagues are from Detroit, this competent, if unremarkable, CD owes something to both New York and Los Angeles. Most of Frost's lyrics are run-of-the-mill gangsta rap and are heavily influenced by N.W.

A. --his rapping style owes a lot to N.W.A.'s MC Ren, and even though he is describing Detroit instead of South-Central L.A., he raps in the first person about the same things (drugs, gang violence, black-on-black crime, etc.). The production style, however, owes more to New York than the West Coast. At a time when other gangsta rappers were being influenced by Dr. Dre's sleek, clean production style, Based Onna True Story favors a Marley Marl like production that is, a drum machine and numerous samples of soul tunes from the 1960s and 1970s. Lovers of classic soul will hear bits of everyone from War to the Jackson Five. The one track that doesn't remind you of Marl is "A Land That Never Gave A Damn," which has a more abrasive and Public Enemy-ish style of production. Based Onna True Story leaves no doubt that Frost can flow; what this derivative CD lacks is originality.

House Dat Jack Built / Jack FrostJack Frost5:18
You Don't Like How I'm Livin / Jack FrostJack Frost4:20
Shut the F-K up and Pour / Jack FrostJack Frost4:34
A Land That Never Gave a Damn / Jack FrostJack Frost5:07
Skit One / Jack FrostJack Frost1:08
A Day in Detroit / Jack FrostJack Frost4:26
B.A.N.M.E. / Jack FrostJack Frost4:01
Hoppin' da Fence / Jack FrostJack Frost6:09
The Mack Is Back / Jack FrostJack Frost3:23
Lookin 4 da Nigga Dat Killed Me / Jack FrostJack Frost4:18
Skit Two / Jack FrostJack Frost0:43
The 4 Lil Niggaz / Jack FrostJack Frost4:13
Based Onna True Story / Jack FrostJack Frost4:42

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