Andraé Crouch - Don't Give Up

Andraé Crouch - Don't Give Up
Styles: Contemporary Gospel, Gospel
Recording Location: Mama Jo's, Hollywood, CA; Ocean Way Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA; Paramount Recording Studio, Hollywood, CA
Genre: Religious
Album: Don't Give Up
Release Date: 1981
Artist: Andraé Crouch
Duration: 41:51
Waiting for the Son / Andraé CrouchAndraé Crouch5:01
Don't Give Up / Andraé CrouchAndraé Crouch4:33
I Can't Keep It to Myself / Andraé CrouchAndraé Crouch5:15
Hollywood Scene / Andraé Crouch / David WilliamsAndraé Crouch5:00
Handwriting on the Wall / Andraé Crouch / Rev. Patrick Henderson / Marvin WinansAndraé Crouch5:15
I Love Walking With You / Andraé CrouchAndraé Crouch2:22
Save the People / Andraé CrouchAndraé Crouch4:31
I'll Be Good to You, Baby (A Message to the Silent Victim) / Andraé CrouchAndraé Crouch4:38
Start All over Again / Marvin WinansAndraé Crouch5:16

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