Dirty Projectors - The Getty Address

Dirty Projectors - The Getty Address
Styles: Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock, Lo-Fi
Recording Location: Dwight Chapel, New Haven, CT; Hobart House, New Haven, CT; New Haven, CT; Pierson College Weight Room, Yale University; Portland, OR; Southbury, CT
Genre: Pop\Rock
Recording Date: April, 2003 - June, 2004
Album: The Getty Address
Release Date: April 5, 2005
Artist: Dirty Projectors
Duration: 56:11

Ever ambitious, the work of Brooklyn-based experimental indie group the Dirty Projectors here takes a bizarre narrative turn. Ostensibly a concept album about the singer Don Henley, it takes its protagonist on a strange, near-suicidal journey through avant Americana, culminating with the lead singer crooning about brown finches. Epic in scope, The Getty Address features around 25 different musicians contributing various orchestral lines, while the core of the band takes care of the overriding story arc.

I Sit on the Ridge at Dusk / Dave LongstrethDirty Projectors4:55
But in the Headlights / Dave LongstrethDirty Projectors1:50
Warholian Wigs / Dave LongstrethDirty Projectors4:31
I Will Truck / Dave LongstrethDirty Projectors5:17
D. Henley's Dream / Dave LongstrethDirty Projectors4:17
Gilt Gold Scabs / Dave LongstrethDirty Projectors5:26
Ponds & Puddles / Dave LongstrethDirty Projectors3:49
Not Having Found / Dave LongstrethDirty Projectors4:42
Tour Along the Potomac / Dave LongstrethDirty Projectors4:12
Jolly Jolly Jolly Ego / Dave LongstrethDirty Projectors5:33
Time Birthed Spilled Blood / Dave LongstrethDirty Projectors3:02
Drilling Profitably / Dave LongstrethDirty Projectors4:29
Finches' Song at Oceanic Parking Lot / Dave LongstrethDirty Projectors4:08

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