Dream Theater - Images and Words

Dream Theater - Images and Words
Styles: Art Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Neo-Prog, Prog-Rock, Progressive Metal
Recording Location: Bear Tracks Studio, Suffern, NY; Hit Factory, New York, NY
Genre: Pop\Rock
Recording Date: October, 1991 - December, 1991
Album: Images and Words
Release Date: 1992
Artist: Dream Theater
Duration: 56:55

Dream Theater's first album with new vocalist James LaBrie is an excellent mix of progressive metal stylings with heartfelt vocals and thought-provoking lyrics. Guitarist John Petrucci, bassist John Myung, and drummer Mike Portnoy, all of whom trained at Berklee, show impressive ability on their respective instruments. Kevin Moore's keyboards weave strongly through the intricately constructed songs, while operatically trained LaBrie shows an impressive range with his tenor. Standout tracks include the complex "Metropolis, Pt. 1," the Shakespeare-influenced "Pull Me Under" (also released as a single and video), the dramatic "Take the Time," and the 11-minute, thoughtful "Learning to Live." Dream Theater's musicianship and songwriting are a cut above the norm; this is a very good disc.

Pull Me Under / Kevin Moore / Dream TheaterDream Theater8:11
Another Day / Dream TheaterDream Theater4:22
Take the Time / Dream TheaterDream Theater8:21
Surrounded / Kevin Moore / Dream TheaterDream Theater5:28
Metropolis, Pt. 1: The Miracle and the Sleeper / John Petrucci / Dream TheaterDream Theater9:30
Under a Glass Moon / John Petrucci / Dream TheaterDream Theater7:02
Wait for Sleep / Kevin MooreDream Theater2:31
Learning to Live / John Myung / Dream TheaterDream Theater11:30

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