The Influence - Falling Objects

The Influence - Falling Objects
Genre: Pop\Rock
Album: Falling Objects
Release Date: 2010
Artist: The Influence
Falling ObjectsThe Influence3:36
Slippin'The Influence3:20
Colorado Lazer StormThe Influence3:12
Bleed OutThe Influence3:15
The SleepThe Influence2:53
Old BonesThe Influence4:04
WindowsThe Influence3:34
The FollowingThe Influence4:48
BreakThe Influence2:59
TornThe Influence4:07
AnisopteraThe Influence4:14
Corpse Song [Bonus Track]The Influence3:45
Cielo Sin Sol [Bonus Track]The Influence4:07
Bleed Out [Alternate Version] [Bonus Track]The Influence3:22

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