Davy Steele - Chasing Shadows

Davy Steele - Chasing Shadows
Recording Location: Hart Street Studios; Watercolour Studios
Genre: International
Recording Date: August, 1996
Album: Chasing Shadows
Release Date: February 10, 1998
Artist: Davy Steele
Duration: 53:23

A pleasantly low-key album from Davy Steele, plying his own course in Scottish music since his departure from the Battlefield Band. Steele leavens traditional music with a variety of elements, including exotic percussion, electric harp (the members of Sileas appear together and solo at various points), and piano. Steele's voice, well traveled and well worn, sounds perfect placed against these arrangements, though the sheer stylistic variety of the tracks is likely to be off-putting for some. Given a chance, however, the album will settle comfortably in.

Kishmul's Galley / TraditionalDavy Steele3:49
Brand New Day / Davy SteeleDavy Steele5:27
Ioch Tay Boat Song / Sir Harold BoultonDavy Steele4:29
Jimmy Waddell/Iochanside / John MacLellan / Davy SteeleDavy Steele5:19
Long Hellos Short Goodbyes / Davy SteeleDavy Steele4:49
Tam Glen/Dancing in Dinan / Robert Burns / Mary MacMaster / Davy SteeleDavy Steele4:14
Tibby Dunbar/The Brothers Reconciliation / Davy Steele / TraditionalDavy Steele5:07
Calton Weaver / TraditionalDavy Steele5:55
Leave Her Johnny, Leave Her / TraditionalDavy Steele3:55
Chasing Shadows / Davy SteeleDavy Steele5:10
Scotland Yet / Davy SteeleDavy Steele4:44

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