Hex Hector - Opus: Non Stop Remixes by Hex Hector

Hex Hector - Opus: Non Stop Remixes by Hex Hector
Styles: Garage, Club/Dance
Genre: Electronic
Album: Opus: Non Stop Remixes by Hex Hector
Release Date: December 11, 2001
Artist: Hex Hector
Duration: 01:13:10

Opus: Non Stop Remixes by Hex Hector showcases many of Hex Hector's most popular remixes, most of which are of dance-pop superstars such as Deborah Cox ("Absolutely Not," "Nobody's Supposed to Be Here"), Toni Braxton ("Spanish Guitar"), and Lisa Stansfield ("I'm Leavin'"). Hector strings together the ten featured remixes into one continuous set. Furthermore, he lets most of the tracks play out, with most clocking in somewhere between five and ten minutes in length. This isn't usually a preferable way to mix records, but these remixes are worth hearing in their entirety. Hector gets to remix such huge pop stars for a reason, after all. And it's because he's a master of the New York school of house music. He was there when Larry Leven had the Paradise Garage going off every weekend, and you can tell by these remixes that Hector learned much from his predecessors, so much that he's become just as influential in 2001.

Temperamental / Ben WattHex Hector feat: Everything But the Girl6:15
Come / Sami McKinney / Denise Rich / RuPaul / Christian WarrenHex Hector feat: Martha Wash6:29
Spanish Guitar / Diane WarrenHex Hector feat: Toni Braxton7:21
Lovin' You / Maria Christensen / Vincent de GiorgioHex Hector feat: Kristine W.7:18
Absolutely Not / Deborah Cox / Christopher Jennings / Eric Johnson / Eric Jones / Tiffany PalmerHex Hector feat: Deborah Cox10:16
I Turn to You / Melanie Jayne Chisholm / Rick Nowels / Billy SteinbergHex Hector feat: Melanie C7:39
Everything / Toshiaki MatsumotoHex Hector5:54
You Make Me Sick / Brainz Dimilo / Anthony PresidentHex Hector feat: P!nk5:40
Nobody's Supposed to Be Here / Shep Crawford / Montell JordanHex Hector feat: Deborah Cox8:07
I'm Leavin' / Crayge Lindesay / Telisa StinsonHex Hector feat: Lisa Stansfield8:11

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