The Whispers - Somebody Loves You

The Whispers - Somebody Loves You
Styles: Soul, Urban
Genre: R&B
Album: Somebody Loves You
Release Date: 1991
Artist: The Whispers
Duration: 29:55
Here Comes Tomorrow / Warren SamsThe Whispers3:11
Somebody Loves You / Peter DeRose / Warren SamsThe Whispers3:25
I Love the Way You Make Me Feel / Dee ErvinThe Whispers3:55
Life and Breath / George ClintonThe Whispers3:06
Set This Happiness Inside Me Free / Earl J. Foster, Jr.The Whispers2:38
Can We Love Forever / Don DanielsThe Whispers2:39
Does She CareThe Whispers2:34
Speak Softly Love (Love Theme from "The Godfather) / Nino RotaThe Whispers2:37
Give Me a Little Love / Peter Tevis / Tony YoungThe Whispers3:00
My Illusions / Sugar Pie DeSantoThe Whispers2:50

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