Abram Wilson - Jazz Warrior

Abram Wilson - Jazz Warrior
Styles: Jazz Instrument, Trumpet Jazz
Recording Location: Kore Studios, London, England; Sanctuary Westside Studios, London, England
Genre: Pop\Rock
Album: Jazz Warrior
Release Date: January 11, 2005
Artist: Abram Wilson
Duration: 01:14:20

Trumpeter Abram Wilson's CD is presented as a potpourri of influences and cultural centers such as New Orleans, New York and London, but it unfortunately collapses into mush as a result of too many ingredients. In spite of the obvious talent of the participating musicians, hip-hop overshadows jazz throughout most of this release. After a promising start with "Pedal Harlin," a funky post-bop vehicle and the spirited, playful tribute "Monk," things start to come apart in a hurry. The vocal interpretation of Stevie Wonder's "Golden Lady" and Wilson's equally bland "You Wouldn't Know" belong on a pop album, while the annoying rapping and lack of a meaningful melody in "Jazz Warrior" make it a candidate for the scrap heap. Unlike a musician the caliber of vibraphonist Stefon Harris (who incorporates the influence of hip-hop into the sound of his group Blackout without sacrificing jazz in the process), jazz becomes only a side dish on this disappointing entrée served up by Abram Wilson.

Pedal Herlin / Abram WilsonAbram Wilson5:51
Golden Lady / Stevie WonderAbram Wilson5:41
Monk / Abram WilsonAbram Wilson4:09
Jazz Warrior / Abram WilsonAbram Wilson6:20
Groove So Heavy / Abram WilsonAbram Wilson6:24
Tango / Abram WilsonAbram Wilson6:05
You Wouldn't Know / Abram WilsonAbram Wilson3:34
Take It Forward / Abram WilsonAbram Wilson4:24
Dark One / Abram WilsonAbram Wilson4:25
Inside Me / Abram WilsonAbram Wilson3:49
Supernatural / Abram WilsonAbram Wilson5:49
Free Myself / Abram WilsonAbram Wilson6:46
Africa / Abram WilsonAbram Wilson5:03
The Truth / Abram WilsonAbram Wilson6:00

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