Ronnie Milsap - Back to the Grindstone

Ronnie Milsap - Back to the Grindstone
Styles: Country-Pop, Urban Cowboy, Contemporary Country
Genre: Country
Album: Back to the Grindstone
Release Date: 1991
Artist: Ronnie Milsap

Back to the Grindstone was an excellent return to form from Ronnie Milsap and, not coincidentally, it was his last great record, as well as his last hit album. Throughout Back to the Grindstone, Milsap displays his talent for eclectic, soul-inflected R&B, tearing throug a gritty duet with Patti LaBelle on "Love Certified," covering "Since I Don't Have You" with heart, and then slipping into hard country with "Turn That Radio On." Not one of the 10 songs on the record is weak, and Milsap responds with a gutsy, powerful performance, easily making Back to the Grindstone one of his best albums.

Since I Don't Have You / Lennie Martin / Joe RockRonnie Milsap
All Is Fair in Love and WarRonnie Milsap
Are You Lovin' Me Like I'm Lovin' YouRonnie Milsap
When the Hurt Comes DownRonnie Milsap
Back to the GrindstoneRonnie Milsap
Spare the Rod (Love the Child)Ronnie Milsap
Love CertifiedRonnie Milsap
Turn That Radio OnRonnie Milsap
Old Habits Are Hard to Break / Marshall Chapman / John HiattRonnie Milsap
I Ain't Gonna Cry No MoreRonnie Milsap

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