Steve Martin - The Crow: New Songs for the Five-String Banjo

Steve Martin - The Crow: New Songs for the Five-String Banjo
Styles: Bluegrass, Contemporary Bluegrass, Progressive Bluegrass
Recording Location: Acoustic Traveller Studio, Hollywood, CA; Bennett Studios, Englewood, NJ; Cauldron Studio; Dublin, Ireland; Ocean Way Studios, Nsahville, TN
Genre: Country
Album: The Crow: New Songs for the Five-String Banjo
Release Date: January, 2009
Artist: Steve Martin
Duration: 46:56

First off, there's no "King Tut" here, and this isn't Steve Martin with an arrow through his head using the five-string banjo as a prop and trying to be funny. The Crow: New Songs for the Five-String Banjo is exactly what the title says it is -- it's a banjo album, spotlighting Martin originals on the instrument (of the 16 tracks, all but one are his own compositions). And guess what? Martin is pretty good at the banjo, and this is no vanity project. Tracks like the stirring and revealing "Daddy Played the Banjo," the blisteringly kinetic "Hoedown at Alice's," the very pretty "Freddie's Lilt," and the expansive, even beautifully ornate "Calico Train" (there are two versions here) not only wouldn't seem out of place on any progressive bluegrass album, they'd probably be the best cuts on it. Martin has a lot of help, yes, from the likes of Mary Black, Vince Gill, Tim O'Brien, Dolly Parton, Earl Scruggs (Scruggs' presence here should tell you something about Martin's playing chops), Tony Trischka, and Pete Wernick, and the album is lovingly produced by John McEuen of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, but make no mistake, this is completely Martin's album and it's his vision all the way. He even takes a very successful shot at frailing the banjo with the lovely and modal "Clawhammer Medley," the one non-original here. Everyone knows that Martin can be very funny, but The Crow isn't a joke.

It's a first-class banjo album. One wonders if entering an archery tournament is next on this talented performer's agenda. Here's guessing Martin's probably pretty good at that, too.

Daddy Played the Banjo / Steve MartinSteve Martin3:19
Pitkin County Turnaround / Steve MartinSteve Martin2:26
Hoedown at Alice's / Steve MartinSteve Martin3:13
Late for School / Steve MartinSteve Martin3:47
Tin Roof / Steve MartinSteve Martin2:18
Words Unspoken / Steve Martin / Pete WernickSteve Martin2:54
Pretty Flowers / Steve MartinSteve Martin2:42
Wally on the Run / Steve MartinSteve Martin1:37
Freddie's Lilt / Steve MartinSteve Martin2:55
Saga of the Old West / Steve MartinSteve Martin3:23
Clawhammer Medley / TraditionalSteve Martin2:16
Calico Train / Steve MartinSteve Martin4:47
Banana Banjo / Steve MartinSteve Martin2:16
Blue River Waltz / Steve MartinSteve Martin2:18
The Crow / Steve MartinSteve Martin3:25
Calico Train / Steve MartinSteve Martin3:10

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