Bryan Townsend - Humor On The Fly

Bryan Townsend - Humor On The Fly
Styles: Comedy
Genre: Comedy\Spoken
Album: Humor On The Fly
Artist: Bryan Townsend
Duration: 35:10
Bryan's Humor MontageBryan Townsend3:19
Gomer Goober GrumpBryan Townsend3:06
Hotel RoomsBryan Townsend1:56
Doctor's OfficeBryan Townsend1:51
Wife Judy BabeBryan Townsend2:51
Oldest SonBryan Townsend1:46
FootballBryan Townsend1:42
Other SonBryan Townsend1:11
MathBryan Townsend2:27
Judy Babe & The GrandkidsBryan Townsend5:47
Me & HughBryan Townsend1:48
Uncle John LBryan Townsend3:24
Limo RideBryan Townsend2:11
GPSBryan Townsend0:44
ShipwreckBryan Townsend1:07

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