Pitbull - Meltdown EP

Pitbull - Meltdown EP
Styles: Latin Rap, Pop-Rap
Genre: Rap
Album: Meltdown EP
Release Date: November 25, 2013
Artist: Pitbull
Duration: 16:43

With the release of the Meltdown EP, Pitbull fans who bought the original edition of the Global Warming album get all the bonus tracks from the later Deluxe Edition, and boy are they a bonus. Biggest win of them all is "Timber," the hick-hop-meets-Miami party anthem with Ke$ha delivering the infectious and cheeky chorus ("It's goin' down/I'm yellin' 'Timber'") but "That High" with Kelly Rowland runs a close second, combining EDM and deep house music with superstar DJ David Guetta at the controls. Interesting that Sean Combs uses that same combo for the later and lesser "All the Things" with Inna, but the great "Do It" with Mayer Hawthorne is fun, fly, and funny ("My life coulda turned out ugly/I mean ugly, Janet Reno") while "Sun in California" with Mohombi is bright, light, and attractive EDM-hip-hop-pop.

Timber / Greg Errico / Lukasz Gottwald / Priscilla Renea Hamilton / Breyan Stanley Isaac / Keri Oskar / Lee Oskar / Armando C. Perez / Jamie Sanderson / Kesha Sebert / Pebe Sebert / Henry WalkerPitbull3:24
That High / Ester Dean / Mikkel Storleer Eriksen / Tor Erik Hermansen / Benjamin Levin / Armando C. Perez / ShellbackPitbull3:14
Do It / Andrew Cohen / Jacob Dutton / Armando C. Perez / Omar Tavarez / Sam WishkoskiPitbull3:40
Sun In California / Ivar Lisinski / Bruno Lopez / Mohombi Moupondo / Olle Olmås / Armando C. PerezPitbull3:00
All the Things / Bebe Black / Burns / Calvin Harris / Armando C. PerezPitbull3:25

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