Ben Folds - University A Cappella!

Ben Folds - University A Cappella!
Styles: Acappella, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Alternative Singer/Songwriter, Alternative/Indie Rock
Recording Location: 560 Building Ballroom, Washington University; 560 Music Building, Recital Hall, Washington University; Ben's Studio; Capistrano Hall, Jazz Rehearsal Room, Sacramento State; Chris Rishel's Living Room; Coupe Studios, Boulder, CO; Havens Lounge, Wilson Commons, University of Rochester; Masters Recording Institute's Studio A; Mathey College Common Room, Princeton University; Ohio Universy School Of Music's Recital Hall; Swain Hall, UNC, Chappell Hill; Wellesley Chappel, Wellesley College
Genre: Vocal
Album: University A Cappella!
Release Date: April 28, 2009
Artist: Ben Folds

Despite Ben Folds' protests to the contrary, University A Cappella! is a total novelty, its 16 songs containing nary an instrument and many a harmonized voice. Some may view the move as a gimmick, but there's something truly...well, novel about Folds' work with these young ensembles, all of whom re-create the songwriter's acerbic pop/rock with voices alone. While the world of collegiate a cappella isn't exactly a macrocosm of the music business, it does mirror the industry's recording trends, with more and more ensembles adopting the same digitally tuned, Pro Tools-weaned approach that achieves perfection at the expense of the human element. Folds serves as producer on the bulk of these songs, however, and he captures the group's renditions with virtually no studio wizardry, allowing some errors to remain in the final mix for realistic effect. Those familiar with the top dogs of college a cappella may recognize some names here, particularly the perennially solid Loreleis from UNC, but University A Cappella! gives ample room to ensembles that rarely occupy the spotlight. There's not a whiff of the Yale Whiffenpoofs nor a toot from Tufts' Beelzebubs; instead, listeners are treated to a solid version of "Fair" by Eau Claire's six-person Fifth Element, a winsome "Evaporated" by a high-school choir from Massachusetts, and a sadly middling "Brick" (whose intro sounds more like a church hymn than a '90s ballad) by the Ohio University Leading Tones. The performances are hit-or-miss -- and many of them are trumped by Folds' own pair of songs -- but the originality remains fairly consistent, yielding an album that should delight a cappella enthusiasts and, at the very least, interest the average Folds fan.

Not the Same / Ben FoldsBen Folds feat: Spartones From Greensboro, NC4:10
Jesusland / Ben FoldsBen Folds feat: University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill's Loreleis4:19
Brick / Ben Folds / Darren JesseeBen Folds feat: Ohio University Leading Tones4:01
You Don't Know Me / Ben FoldsBen Folds feat: UGA Band3:07
Still Fighting It / Ben FoldsBen Folds feat: Washington University In St. Louis Mosaic Whispers4:31
Boxing / Ben FoldsBen Folds4:22
Selfless, Cold and Composed / Ben FoldsBen Folds feat: Sacramento State Jazz Singers6:25
Magic / Darren JesseeBen Folds feat: University Of Chicago's Voices In Your Head5:08
Landed / Ben FoldsBen Folds feat: University Of Colorado Buffoons4:10
Time / Ben FoldsBen Folds feat: Princeton Nassoons4:02
Effington / Ben FoldsBen Folds3:27
Evaporated / Ben FoldsBen Folds feat: Newtones From Newton, MA5:26
Fred Jones, Pt. 2 / Ben FoldsBen Folds feat: Est Chester University Of Pennsylvania Gracenotes3:42
Army / Ben FoldsBen Folds feat: University Of Rochester Midnight Ramblers3:11
Fair / Ben FoldsBen Folds feat: University Of Wisonsin-Eau Clair's Fifth Element4:24
The Luckiest / Ben FoldsBen Folds feat: Washington University In St. Louis Mosaic Whispers4:49

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