Troka - Troka

Troka - Troka
Styles: Nordic Traditions
Recording Location: Finnvox Studios, Helsinki, Finland
Genre: International
Recording Date: November, 1993
Album: Troka
Release Date: February 3, 1998
Artist: Troka
Duration: 41:53

Troka inspires an urge to demonstrate some sort of bizarre clog-dancing routine right from the opening of this entertaining album (and a few lively yips wouldn't be out of place either). A quintet based in Finland, Troka combine a string trio (violin, viola doubling on violin, string bass) with accordion and harmonium, providing the group as a whole with a brash, pumping energy that can go from the sublime to the nervous. This is absolutely a recording for people who enjoy folk dancing -- it can be treated as a listening piece, too, but only with a bit of deliberate resistance. Charming through and though.

Lellupuo-Iikoon Frioomarssi/Iikko's Courtship March / Jorma PanulaTroka2:39
Balkan / Matti Makela / Matti MäkeläTroka2:49
Aamu Seksmanninkankaala/Morning in Seksman's Meadow / Ville OjanenTroka3:16
Sekvenssipolka/Sequence Polka / Matti Makela / Matti MäkeläTroka2:00
Polska Platoon / Timo AlakotilaTroka3:46
Lazzlo / Ville OjanenTroka1:57
Strömmerschottis / Ville OjanenTroka3:24
Breakdowns / TraditionalTroka2:50
Vanhaa Valssia/Old Waltz / TraditionalTroka3:05
Klockar Aleksanteri / TraditionalTroka3:10
Masurkka / Matti Makela / Matti MäkeläTroka3:54
Hoppatahdit / TraditionalTroka1:45
Ganglat Ja Polska / TraditionalTroka4:06
Feidauspolkat/Fadeout Polka / TraditionalTroka3:12

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