Richard Carr - Through the Mind's Eye

Richard Carr - Through the Mind's Eye
Genre: New Age
Album: Through the Mind's Eye
Release Date: 1997
Artist: Richard Carr
Duration: 43:32
Northern California Walking MusicRichard Carr2:21
Through the Mind's EyeRichard Carr2:05
Incidental Music (From a Movie in New Orleans)Richard Carr2:47
Love, EverlastingRichard Carr2:20
Mind's Eye 2: Racing ThoughtsRichard Carr3:35
HeartstringsRichard Carr5:15
My Candle BurnsRichard Carr4:34
Winter of My SoulRichard Carr3:46
Mind's Eye 3: the Journey WithinRichard Carr1:47
Reflective MomentsRichard Carr6:11
Mind's Eye 4: ContemplationRichard Carr2:52
Lauren's LullabyRichard Carr3:37
Through the Mind's Eye (Revisited)Richard Carr2:22

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