LaShun Pace - Wealthy Place

LaShun Pace - Wealthy Place
Styles: Contemporary Gospel, Gospel
Recording Location: Cathedral of The Holy Spirit, Atlanta, GA
Genre: Religious
Album: Wealthy Place
Release Date: September 10, 1996
Artist: LaShun Pace
Duration: 45:25
Prayer Will Fix It for You / LaShun PaceLaShun Pace4:04
Act Like You Know / Melonda PaceLaShun Pace feat: Karen Clark-Sheard3:14
It Already Is / LaShun PaceLaShun Pace2:40
Thank You / Cynthia NunnLaShun Pace4:14
I'll Be There / LaShun PaceLaShun Pace3:37
He Keeps on Doing Great Things / Eddie RobinsonLaShun Pace7:01
Jamming on the 100 Psalms / LaShun PaceLaShun Pace3:43
A Wealthy Place / Melonda PaceLaShun Pace feat: Edwin Hawkins5:16
Hold on God Is Standing By / David BlakelyLaShun Pace4:07
That Too / LaShun PaceLaShun Pace2:58
There, Always / Latrice PaceLaShun Pace4:31

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