Atrocity - Two Originals

Atrocity - Two Originals
Styles: Grindcore, Heavy Metal, Hardcore Punk, Punk/New Wave
Genre: Pop\Rock
Album: Two Originals
Release Date: May 27, 2003
Artist: Atrocity
Duration: 02:55:46

Bundling together the band's 1997 covers album, Werk 80, with the two-disc best-of and rarities compilation Non Plus Ultra: 1989-1999, Two Originals makes for a perfect gateway into the career of German goth metal outfit Atrocity. Featuring plenty of original material as well as covers of '80s classics like Tears for Fears' "Shout," David Bowie's "Let's Dance," and Soft Cell's (by way of Gloria Jones) "Tainted Love," this three-disc set finds the band looking at '80s musical excess through a punishing industrial filter. While the songs here don't quite have the fire and raw aggression of the band's earlier work, they're certainly a fun diversion.

Shout / Roland Orzabal / Ian StanleyAtrocity6:30
Rage Hard / Peter Gill / Holly Johnson / Brian NashAtrocity5:00
Wild Boys / Simon LeBon / Nick Rhodes / Andy TaylorAtrocity4:13
The Great Commandment / Oliver Kreyssig / Hieko Maile / Marcus MeynAtrocity3:32
Send Me an Angel / David Sterry / Richard ZatorskiAtrocity3:50
Tainted Love / Ed CobbAtrocity2:50
Der MussoliniAtrocity3:50
Being Boiled / Ian Craig Marsh / Philip Oakey / Martyn WareAtrocity3:52
Don't Go / Vince ClarkeAtrocity3:04
Let's Dance / David BowieAtrocity5:14
Maid of OrleansAtrocity4:11
Das Letzte MalAtrocity3:34
Die DeutschmaschineAtrocity4:26
Verschwende Deine JugendAtrocity3:56

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