Anugama - Like the Ocean

Anugama - Like the Ocean
Styles: Ambient, Worldbeat
Genre: New Age
Album: Like the Ocean
Release Date: July 18, 1997
Artist: Anugama
Duration: 42:31

Like the Ocean is meant to relax you. Much like sitting on the beach and watching the waves, this album provides music for contemplation and meditation. It consists of only two tracks "Swaying in the Wind" and "Diving into the Unknown," which both last about 20 minutes. There are recurring themes and varied instruments throughout both pieces, with Anugama and Ariel playing all instruments, including guitar, flute, and synthesizers. This provides the music with momentum, so it doesn't just drone on endlessly. But the changes are subtle, which keeps the tone of the tracks peaceful and unobtrusive. There are also ambient noises similar to what you might hear near the ocean, birds chirp overhead, and wind blows by. This is a perfect album for background music or anything restful.

Swaying in the Wind / AnugamaAnugama feat: Ariel20:50
Diving into the Unknown / AnugamaAnugama feat: Anugama & Ariel21:41

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