Crystal Gayle - Hollywood, Tennessee

Crystal Gayle - Hollywood, Tennessee
Styles: Country-Pop, Urban Cowboy
Genre: Country
Album: Hollywood, Tennessee
Release Date: 1981
Artist: Crystal Gayle
Duration: 11:14

Hollywood, Tennessee features the Top Ten hits "You Never Gave Up on Me," "Livin' in These Troubled Times" and "The Woman in Me," as well as a cover of the Bill Withers classic "Ain't No Sunshine."

Keepin' Power / Roger Cook / Bobby WoodCrystal Gayle3:05
Woman in Me / Susan ThomasCrystal Gayle2:30
Ain't No Sunshine / Bill WithersCrystal Gayle
You Never Gave up on Me / Allen ReynoldsCrystal Gayle3:10
Hollywood / Charles Cochran / Roger CookCrystal Gayle2:29
Livin' in These Troubled Times / Roger Cook / Philip Donnelly / Sam HoginCrystal Gayle
Love Crazy Love / Deborah Allen / Rafe Van HoyCrystal Gayle
Crying in the Rain / Howard Greenfield / Carole KingCrystal Gayle
Tennessee / Roger CookCrystal Gayle

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