Bix Beiderbecke - Wa Da Da

Bix Beiderbecke - Wa Da Da
Styles: Early Jazz
Genre: Jazz
Album: Wa Da Da
Release Date: July 26, 1994
Artist: Bix Beiderbecke
Duration: 54:36

What's the sound of a girl saying yes? Guitarist-bandleader Eddie Condon once said it was Bix Beiderbecke's cornet tone. In less poetic terms, his horn playing was definitely one of the most significant contributions to early jazz. These New York sessions recorded by various ensembles between 1927 and 1930 dip into the middle and late periods of Bix's short life (1903-1931).

Due to personal problems, he was in and out of some successful dance bands during this period. But WA-DA-DA indicates that Bix was in demand in the studio, where commitment meant just one day at a time, all along the way.With supporting players and singers including Bing Crosby, Hoagy Carmichael, Benny Goodman, the Dorseys, and his occasional partner, Frankie Trumbauer on C-melody saxophone, Bix and company swing joyously through mostly uptempo numbers. "Since My Best Girl Turned Me Down" shows Bix at his strutting yet coolly restrained best. For a sense of the range of his dynamics, something that separated him from most of his contemporaries, listen to his statement of the opening melody on the languid "Deep Harlem"--it's 30 seconds of true beauty.

Goose Pimples / Fletcher Henderson / Jo TrentBix Beiderbecke3:14
Sorry / Raymond Klages / Howdy QuicksellBix Beiderbecke2:53
Since My Best Gal Turned Me Down / Ray Lodwig / Howdy QuicksellBix Beiderbecke3:04
There'll Come a Time / Joe Davis / Wingy Manone / Irving Mills / Miff Mole / Fats WallerBix Beiderbecke2:51
Mississippi Mud / Harry Barris / James CavanaughBix Beiderbecke3:25
Thou Swell / Lorenz Hart / Richard RodgersBix Beiderbecke2:57
Wa-Da-Da (Everybody's Doin' It Now) / Harry Barris / James CavanaughBix Beiderbecke3:01
Ol' Man River / Oscar Hammerstein II / Jerome KernBix Beiderbecke3:03
Take Your Tomorrow / J.C. Johnson / Andy RazafBix Beiderbecke3:00
Rhythm King / J. Russel Robinson / Jo TrentBix Beiderbecke3:18
Louisiana / J.C. Johnson / J.C. Jones / Andy Razaf / Bob SchaferBix Beiderbecke2:49
Margie / Con Conrad / Benny Davis / J. Russel RobinsonBix Beiderbecke2:52
I Like That / Lennie Hayton / Ted Koehler / Frankie TrumbauerBix Beiderbecke2:59
Barnacle Bill, The Sailor / Frank Luther / Carson RobisonBix Beiderbecke2:46
Rockin' Chair / Hoagy CarmichaelBix Beiderbecke3:23
Deep Harlem / Matty Malneck / Irving Mills / Frank SignorelliBix Beiderbecke3:02
I'll Be a Friend With Pleasure / Maceo PinkardBix Beiderbecke3:03
Bessie Couldn't Help It / Charles A. Bayha / Jacques Richmond / Byron WarnerBix Beiderbecke2:56

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