Rick Sikes - Etchings in Stone

Rick Sikes - Etchings in Stone
Genre: Country
Album: Etchings in Stone
Release Date: January 19, 2003
Artist: Rick Sikes
Duration: 48:52
IntroRick Sikes1:05
Etchings in StoneRick Sikes3:59
Things Got Bad Things Got WorseRick Sikes2:37
Half as Much as MeRick Sikes2:40
Til the End of the EarthRick Sikes2:18
Crying with the BluesRick Sikes2:00
White Lace & Flowers (I Bet on You)Rick Sikes3:43
Off and OnRick Sikes2:05
Early Hours of MourningRick Sikes3:19
Farewell AmarilloRick Sikes3:37
You Got the One I WantedRick Sikes2:24
Den of SinRick Sikes2:03
Old Enough to Be Somebody's HeroRick Sikes2:27
I Cried SomeRick Sikes3:30
Country Music StationRick Sikes2:23
Precious MemoriesRick Sikes8:42

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