Dave Hahn - Fred and Dave

Dave Hahn - Fred and Dave
Genre: Pop\Rock
Album: Fred and Dave
Release Date: July 30, 2007
Artist: Dave Hahn
Duration: 43:17
ConnectionsDave Hahn3:04
Carolina in My MindDave Hahn4:08
Cat's in the CradleDave Hahn3:54
Here Comes the SunDave Hahn2:52
Ventura HighwayDave Hahn3:16
The BoxerDave Hahn4:08
Peaceful Easy FeelingDave Hahn4:00
AmieDave Hahn4:21
Angel EyesDave Hahn3:02
Falling for YouDave Hahn3:19
Man of Constant SorrowDave Hahn3:46
Mr. Tambourine ManDave Hahn3:27

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