Spelunkers - Breakfast Is America

Spelunkers - Breakfast Is America
Styles: Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock
Recording Location: Bloomington, IL
Genre: Pop\Rock
Recording Date: 1995
Album: Breakfast Is America
Release Date: October 15, 1996
Artist: Spelunkers
Duration: 45:59
Silver Bird / Tommy O'DonnellSpelunkers4:05
Junque / Tommy O'DonnellSpelunkers3:27
Grounded to the Soul / Tommy O'DonnellSpelunkers5:19
Diggin' a Hole / Tommy O'DonnellSpelunkers5:20
Waterline / Tommy O'DonnellSpelunkers4:08
Iowa / Tommy O'DonnellSpelunkers4:21
Goodnite Gents / Tommy O'DonnellSpelunkers1:38
Quake / Tommy O'DonnellSpelunkers1:57
Song About the Woods / Tommy O'DonnellSpelunkers7:25
Bees / Tommy O'DonnellSpelunkers4:43
Powerhouse / Raymond ScottSpelunkers3:36

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