Aaron Larget-Caplan - New Lullaby

Aaron Larget-Caplan - New Lullaby
Styles: Chamber Music
Recording Location: Futura Productions, Roslindale, Massachusetts
Genre: Classical
Recording Date: October, 2009
Album: New Lullaby
Artist: Aaron Larget-Caplan
Duration: 52:39
The Sixth Night / Lynn JobAaron Larget-Caplan2:49 Amazon
Leaky Roof / Jonathan FeistAaron Larget-Caplan1:27 Amazon
No Time / Jonathan FeistAaron Larget-Caplan2:22 Amazon
My Darling's Slumber / Francine TresterAaron Larget-Caplan3:07 Amazon
Nachtlied / Scott WheelerAaron Larget-Caplan4:19 Amazon
Cradle Song / Kevin SiegfriedAaron Larget-Caplan3:19 Amazon
Descent to a Dream / Mark SmallAaron Larget-Caplan4:32 Amazon
Lullaby for Sam / Nolan StolzAaron Larget-Caplan3:20 Amazon
Unfolding the Gates of Dawn, a morning lullaby / Carson CoomanAaron Larget-Caplan3:53 Amazon
You are Alone to Sleep, Op. 430 / John McDonaldAaron Larget-Caplan2:46 Amazon
Berceuse / David VayoAaron Larget-Caplan7:01 Amazon
Disturbed, a Lullaby / David LeisnerAaron Larget-Caplan4:32 Amazon
Song Softly Sung, in Trying Times / Eric SchwartzAaron Larget-Caplan3:50 Amazon
Shhhh / Ryan VigilAaron Larget-Caplan5:22 Amazon

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