Lisa Franco - Romantic Dreams

Lisa Franco - Romantic Dreams
Recording Location: Big Key Studios, Mannheim, Germany
Genre: New Age
Album: Romantic Dreams
Release Date: 1993
Artist: Lisa Franco
Duration: 49:47

Lisa Lynne Franco has recorded some brilliant material under five different guises. Her earliest work was as Lisa Franco. She recorded three CDs for the German Innovative Communications label. She was half of Celestial Winds -- the creative half. She recorded one CD as Celtic Renaissance with George Tortorelli. She then recorded one or two CDs as Lisa Lynne Franco and has achieved international acclaim and fame as Lisa Lynne. Romantic Dreams might be her best CD. It is certainly her best effort for the IC label. The entire album speaks greatness with every note. Peter Seiler produced the CD and co-wrote four of the nine original pieces. He wrote one of the two bonus tracks. He also accompanies Franco's harp with his keyboards. This CD represents his best work, too. His gentle atmospheres surround her aggressive style like billowing clouds and fluffy pillows. The beauty of the atmospheres is breathtaking. There are no appropriate comparisons for this masterwork. It stands alone -- a true sign of greatness.

Tropical Starlight / Lisa FrancoLisa Franco5:45
Quiet Harp / Lisa FrancoLisa Franco5:58
Healing Waves / Lisa FrancoLisa Franco6:46
Valley Winds / Lisa FrancoLisa Franco7:23
In Our Hands / Lisa FrancoLisa Franco2:43
Shepherd's Dream / Lisa FrancoLisa Franco4:10
Empty Rooms / Lisa FrancoLisa Franco5:06
FriendsLisa Franco3:37
Lonely Child / Lisa Franco / Peter SeilerLisa Franco3:35
Breath of WindLisa Franco3:40
Talking to Me / Lisa FrancoLisa Franco4:41

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