Sue "Twanggirl" Bugow - Caught in the Act

Genre: Pop\Rock
Album: Caught in the Act
Release Date: January 2, 2007
Artist: Sue 'Twanggirl' Bugow
Duration: 36:58
Better Love MeSue "Twanggirl" Bugow1:58
Little GirlSue "Twanggirl" Bugow2:58
Yellow HighwaysSue "Twanggirl" Bugow2:07
You Keep Lookin'Sue "Twanggirl" Bugow2:07
Down the RoadSue "Twanggirl" Bugow3:09
InconspicuousSue "Twanggirl" Bugow2:31
The BarSue "Twanggirl" Bugow2:19
Between You & MeSue "Twanggirl" Bugow2:44
No Name for ThatSue "Twanggirl" Bugow3:21
Dusty GuitarSue "Twanggirl" Bugow2:34
Accused & ConvictedSue "Twanggirl" Bugow3:35
Wishing You Were HereSue "Twanggirl" Bugow4:01
I See YouSue "Twanggirl" Bugow2:23
Truck BoysSue "Twanggirl" Bugow1:11

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