Love Me Butch - This Is the New Pop

Love Me Butch - This Is the New Pop
Genre: Pop\Rock
Album: This Is the New Pop
Release Date: April 14, 2006
Artist: Love Me Butch
Duration: 44:52
ReconcileLove Me Butch3:44
Stumble Upon a GlassLove Me Butch5:02
BarricadeLove Me Butch5:58
Dream of My OwnLove Me Butch4:24
Fortress of a MillionLove Me Butch4:32
Pitcher of a GhostLove Me Butch4:37
Hollywood HolidayLove Me Butch4:14
Embrace YourselvesLove Me Butch4:37
BlissLove Me Butch3:17
Living in DisguiseLove Me Butch4:27

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