The Dream Syndicate - Ghost Stories

The Dream Syndicate - Ghost Stories
Styles: Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, American Underground, Jangle Pop, Paisley Underground, College Rock
Recording Location: Eldorado Recording Studio, Hollywood, CA; Snap!, KCRW-FM '88; Turko, Finland
Genre: Pop\Rock
Album: Ghost Stories
Release Date: 1988
Artist: The Dream Syndicate
Duration: 50:14

Opening with the self-referential "The Side I'll Never Show," and produced by Neil Young and Crazy Horse vet Elliot Mazer, Wynn and Co. mine the dark and rusty terrain of folk and blues-rock that they ultimately made work to their advantage on this very straight-ahead rock album. Wynn's vocal style and forthright lyrics never really connected with the masses at the time, but years later, it's clear he was making music for the ages.

The Side'll Never Show / Steve WynnThe Dream Syndicate3:50
My Old Haunts / Steve WynnThe Dream Syndicate3:04
Loving the Sinner, Hating the Sin / Steve WynnThe Dream Syndicate4:26
Whatever You Please / Steve WynnThe Dream Syndicate3:45
Weathered and Torn / Steve WynnThe Dream Syndicate3:07
See That My Grave Is Kept Clean / Blind Lemon JeffersonThe Dream Syndicate3:59
I Have Faith / Johnette Napolitano / Steve WynnThe Dream Syndicate3:47
Someplace Better Than This / Steve WynnThe Dream Syndicate3:35
Black / Steve WynnThe Dream Syndicate4:38
When the Curtain Falls / Steve WynnThe Dream Syndicate5:08
Now I Ride Alone / Steve WynnThe Dream Syndicate4:51
I Ain't Living Long Like This / Rodney CrowellThe Dream Syndicate5:47

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