Pictures and Sound - Pictures and Sound

Pictures and Sound - Pictures and Sound
Styles: Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock
Recording Location: House Of David Studios, Nashville, TX; Pedernales Studio, Spicewood, TX; The BBQ Pit, Nashville, TN; The LBT, Brentwood, TN; The Smoakstack, Nashville, TN
Genre: Pop\Rock
Album: Pictures and Sound
Release Date: August 19, 2008
Artist: Pictures and Sound
Duration: 37:48

Pictures and Sound is actually the project of ex-Blue Merle frontman Luke Reynolds, the multi-instrumentalist who's accompanied by bassist Dave Wilder and drummer Pete McNeal on what essentially amounts to his self-titled debut album. Pictures and Sound is at once sincere and bland, offering fairly mainstream rock in which the numerous varying shades tend to blend into a samey batch when heard whole. Reynolds' fervently earnest vocals have a slightly pained tone suggestive of suppressed hurt, complementing lyrics reflective of an uncertain soul investigating life's ambiguities. As he sings in one song, his thoughts seems pulled in "100 Directions" (none of them right, of course) at once, the melodies more often than not inclined toward a moody and introverted state of mind. His tunes and observations are well-crafted but unremarkable, "Every War" being the least typical owing to the presence of Willie Nelson as a guest second vocalist.

Everything Leaves a Mark / Luke ReynoldsPictures and Sound3:10
The Last Ocean / Tim Lauer / Luke ReynoldsPictures and Sound2:16
Forever to Reach / Pete McNeal / Luke ReynoldsPictures and Sound3:29
It's You / Pete McNeal / Luke ReynoldsPictures and Sound3:40
Shadow Boxing / Luke ReynoldsPictures and Sound4:02
Big Screen / Jacquire King / Luke ReynoldsPictures and Sound4:10
100 Directions / Stephen Harris / Luke ReynoldsPictures and Sound4:00
The Youth / Jacquire King / Pete McNeal / Luke ReynoldsPictures and Sound4:12
Every War / Luke ReynoldsPictures and Sound feat: Willie Nelson3:27
Space Between the Lines / Tim O'Brien / Luke ReynoldsPictures and Sound5:22

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