Buddy Holly - Collection

Buddy Holly - Collection
Styles: Rock & Roll, Rockabilly, Early Pop/Rock
Genre: Pop\Rock
Album: Collection
Release Date: 1988
Artist: Buddy Holly
Duration: 39:26

This rather random assortment of Buddy Holly sides features some that are well-known ("Peggy Sue," "Words of Love"), and others that are a good deal more obscure, including the very country-sounding "Blue Days, Black Nights," which Holly recorded in 1956 in the early phase of his Decca contract when all concerned were trying to figure out what to do with this guy. Decca never really did figure it out, but Holly did, and he ended up being arguably the most interesting and unique of the early stars of rock & roll. Other highlights collected here include "Not Fade Away," "That'll Be the Day," and "Maybe Baby," among others. It's not everything, by any means, and nothing distinguishes this set from dozens on the market just like it, but Holly's brief recording career, which really only lasted a couple years, was built on quality songs, and therefore any anthology of his material will be more than listenable.

Peggy SueBuddy Holly2:31
That'll Be the DayBuddy Holly2:19
Not Fade AwayBuddy Holly2:22
Oh BoyBuddy Holly2:10
Maybe BabyBuddy Holly2:03
Rock Me My BabyBuddy Holly1:52
Tell Me HowBuddy Holly2:02
Send Me Some Lovin' / John MarascalcoBuddy Holly2:37
Love MeBuddy Holly2:10
Last Night / MauldinBuddy Holly1:57
EverydayBuddy Holly2:10
Words of LoveBuddy Holly1:57
I'm Looking for Someone to LoveBuddy Holly2:00
Mailman, Bring Me No More BluesBuddy Holly2:14
Blue Days, Black NightsBuddy Holly2:09
Rock Around with Ollie VeeBuddy Holly2:22
You've Got LoveBuddy Holly2:06
You Are My One DesireBuddy Holly2:25

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