Misc - Happiness Is Easy

Misc - Happiness Is Easy
Styles: Alternative/Indie Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock
Recording Location: Badman Recording Co., San Francisco, CA; Closer Recording, San Francisco, CA; Daniel's Apt., Mid City, CA; Scenic Burrows, Portland, OR; Type Foundry, Portland, OR
Genre: Pop\Rock
Album: Happiness Is Easy
Release Date: 2009
Artist: Misc
Duration: 40:51

Impatient browsers might flip by HAPPINESS IS EASY assuming it's some miscellaneous artists' label promo, but even though producer Dylan Magierek (aka MISC.) has wrangled many guest musicians and there's a slightly different feel to every song, HAPPINESS plays through like a proper, cohesive record. Borrowing the talents of studio guests like producer and frequent American Music Club pedal steel guy Bruce Kaphan and Los Angeles poet-songwriter Daniel Ahearn, Magierek fleshes out his spacious, often cinematic home recordings in a clever, appealing way.

The results are frequently moody: "Such a Fighter" recalls prime Low, whose "Sea" Magierek not coincidentally covers here.

Temporary Residence / Dylan MagierekMisc2:41
In a Studio of Keepsakes / Daniel Ahearn / Dylan Magierek / Mooney / Tim MooneyMisc4:36
A Little While / Daniel Ahearn / Dylan MagierekMisc3:44
Such a Fighter / Daniel Ahearn / Dylan MagierekMisc5:50
I Am Trying to Leave You / Daniel Ahearn / Dylan MagierekMisc3:44
Wes Anderson / Alex Carlson / Dylan MagierekMisc3:18
Korea Vs. Japan / Dylan MagierekMisc6:25
Emmett Till / Daniel Ahearn / Dylan MagierekMisc3:27
Sea / Nichols / SparhawkMisc2:04
Chocolat Noir / Dylan MagierekMisc5:02

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