Pressure Cooker - Burning Fence

Pressure Cooker - Burning Fence
Genre: Pop\Rock
Album: Burning Fence
Release Date: May 18, 2004
Artist: Pressure Cooker
Duration: 47:59

Ska revivals and rock-ska fusions may come and go in their various guises, but there always seems to be a core market for the old-school sounds of 1960s-style ska, rocksteady and roots reggae. Boston's Pressure Cooker serves those dishes up right, piping hot and flavorful. Those who miss the glory days of the Skatalites (or at least the glory days of the New York Ska Jazz Ensemble) should jump at the chance to acquire this fine collection of original instrumentals, recorded mostly live in the studio, and mostly in single takes, using the kind of archaic analog recording technology that gave classic Jamaican recordings much of their unique ambience. A tight three-man horn section and a generous layer of Hammond B-3 organ give these tunes lots of gritty warmth, and the subtle Latin shadings of "Lola," and a couple of nice deejay tracks (featuring guest toaster Craig Fujita) add variety to the program. Other highlights include the loping minor-key groove of the melodica-driven "Teardrop," and the joyfully catchy "Miss Fitz." Highly recommended.

Burning FencePressure Cooker2:31
Me & YouPressure Cooker3:20
Falling UpPressure Cooker4:22
LolaPressure Cooker2:14
Gas CanPressure Cooker3:31
Noah's ArkPressure Cooker3:25
Walking in the LightPressure Cooker2:03
Night LightPressure Cooker3:36
TeardropPressure Cooker2:48
Rockin' by the SeaPressure Cooker1:34
Lie LowPressure Cooker2:02
SwingsetPressure Cooker2:42
She's the OnePressure Cooker3:04
Miss'dPressure Cooker0:15
Miss FitzPressure Cooker2:46
Noah's Ark VersionPressure Cooker3:25
Lightning & ThunderPressure Cooker4:21

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