Muddy Waters - Blues Masters

Muddy Waters - Blues Masters
Styles: Blues Revival, Chicago Blues, Delta Blues, Electric Chicago Blues, Regional Blues, Slide Guitar Blues, Electric Blues
Genre: Blues
Album: Blues Masters
Release Date: March 4, 2003
Artist: Muddy Waters
Duration: 28:17

This collection has been issued several times by Delta under different titles (Muddy's Blues, Jazz Masters), all with the same sequence of songs drawn from the Chess vaults. Nothing here is particularly essential, but the playing is wonderfully loose and raw, and seldom-performed songs like "Iodine in My Coffee" and "Diamonds at Your Feet" are definitely worth hearing. The lead track here, "The Stuff You Gotta Watch," is one of Muddy's best tunes, making this disc (whatever its title) worth picking up if you find it in the bargain bins.

The Stuff You Gotta Watch / McKinley Morganfield / Muddy WatersMuddy Waters2:48
Iodine in My Coffee / McKinley Morganfield / Muddy WatersMuddy Waters3:29
Close to You / Willie DixonMuddy Waters3:05
You Gonna Miss Me / Muddy WatersMuddy Waters2:35
Mean Red Spider / McKinley Morganfield / Muddy WatersMuddy Waters2:15
Diamonds at Your FeetMuddy Waters2:24
You Gonna Need My Help / McKinley Morganfield / Muddy WatersMuddy Waters3:07
She's All Right / McKinley MorganfieldMuddy Waters2:28
So Glad I'm Living / Sonny Boy Williamson IIMuddy Waters2:52
One More Mile / Muddy WatersMuddy Waters3:14

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