Iron Butterfly - Live at the Galaxy, LA, July 1967

Iron Butterfly - Live at the Galaxy, LA, July 1967
Styles: Psychedelic/Garage, Acid Rock, Album Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
Genre: Pop\Rock
Recording Date: July 4, 1967
Album: Live at the Galaxy, LA, July 1967
Release Date: May 27, 2014
Artist: Iron Butterfly
Duration: 52:33

This grainy live recording captures psychedelic wrecking crew Iron Butterfly in a particularly sharp club performance from early in their career. Still months away from the release of their 1968 debut Heavy, Live at the Galaxy captures the band in their earliest, roughest form, working out songs heavy on organ stabs and blues riffing. The bootleg quality of the album is on par with other obscure, audience-recorded artifacts of its era by psych bands like the Electric Prunes and others, but the band transcends the lo-fi cloudiness of the album with spirited jamming that all but wrote the acid rock rule book, especially on high points such as "Iron Butterfly Theme."

Real Fright / D. IngleIron Butterfly2:37
Possession / D. IngleIron Butterfly4:51
Filled with Fear / D. IngleIron Butterfly4:31
Fields of Sun / D. IngleIron Butterfly3:31
It's Up to YouIron Butterfly2:48
Gloomy Day to RememberIron Butterfly2:45
Evil TemptationIron Butterfly5:45
So-Lo / D. IngleIron Butterfly4:03
Gentle as It May SeemIron Butterfly4:04
Lonely Boy / D. IngleIron Butterfly5:57
Iron Butterfly Theme / D. IngleIron Butterfly7:06
You Can't WinIron Butterfly4:35

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